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 Nomusa - Step Into Her Path

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PostSubject: Nomusa - Step Into Her Path   Thu Sep 12, 2013 3:28 pm

(c)opyright information - Anything and everything printed below is "my work" and you may NOT use without my permission! If you take without being granted to use, then you are going against plagiarism and that's a theft! take this notice and be respectful of others works. Pictures also used above are NOT my own and I will credit those who own them. Do not discourage my work, if you have a belief I am using or copying, prove it through PM! I have dedicated my time and patience creating a biography to ensure all information regarding my character is neat and in balance.

"Never fear the storm"

Name Origin: The Name origins from of African Ndebele.
Name Meaning: Merciful
How to pronounce your name: The most common way to pronounce Nomusa is "NM-MUH-SAH " Or the rather easier way, "No-mu-sah"
Gender: Female
Species: Nomusa's genes vary from the common Grey wolf to The Northeastern timber wolf.
Crush: N/A
Mate: N/A
Expecting(?): After losing her first litter and the possibility of her mate, she probably won't look any further to be expecting. )Read narration for more info)
Off-Spring: A litter of three, two believed to be deceased,  the other deceased
Age: N/A

First Glance:When she steps forth to a crowd of wolves congregating near or far, they may suspect an intelligent breed coming around these turfs. However, it all depends how she reacts, not just by how her appearance is presented. With a thick layer of black and gray ish fur, resulting in a medium length pigment, focusing then on her golden brown to bronze oculars. Though even by her figure, some say she could be an intimidation towards others, while other rumors lurked about her weak eye sight to pose a distraction or delayed movements. It all depends in the end.

In depth: A loyal bundle of fur, she can be sensitive at times. However, this canid will prove herself with that standards and her role. Growing up she learned to be competitive and be protective of what she owned or tempted to have, nothing would hard her back from what she endures. She'll do what it takes to protect and forgive, though she'll keep her friends close...but her enemies closer.. After losing her three pups and her mate, being separated from where she resided is in deep thought for her, but if others speak of a past and ask for her to share, she wouldn't intentionally do so. Experienced in fighting, she can be dominant around friends if they are harmed crucially, she'll protect pups as they grow, nurture them and play.

Personality: Indecisive at times, loyal, protective and cooperative. Nomusa can be sweet, forgiving and aggressive; but doesn't always show any negative intentions. Despite that side of her, her compassionate self leads her to the right path of her life. She will also do what it takes to protect the ones she be-loves and the ones who don't hold any grudges against her. She is also understanding and independent as she normally likes to do things on her own time or just by herself. Having a somewhat playful side, she'll interact with a small group or with the youths to keep them entertained and to less likely wander off to find something to do. Towards newcomers she doesn't trust that well, depending on how they make their approach, sensing anything that differs and comes into a provoking manner, she'll defiantly stand her ground.

Birth Place:A landscape with a large range of plains and a forest  throughout the scenery

  May 5.

Praili - Mother - unknown Status - Age specified: 6
Dumisani - Father - Deceased at age 6
Dina - Sister - Alive and age specified: 3
Paige - Sister - Alive and age specified 3

Physical Problems:Doesn't have the keenest eye sight, her strength differs depending mostly on the temperatures.

Chasing animals for the heck of it,
Gnawing on bones and sticks
Play fighting
Dawdling around
Digging and getting her fur matted with mud

Her snout has a minor scrape and a slightly seen bite mark atop on her maw and bottom section of her jaw. She also has a few other scars on her nape and chest, due to the fact of survival and fighting for a carrion against a another wolf.
But also having some tampered flesh, concluding her fur thinning at the growth on the back of her neck.
Lack of strength at times
Lack of keen vision
Her decisions

Running for a constant range
Having full contact and focus

Basking in the sun
Rolling around in the mud during a rainstorm
Being cooperative
Seeking cooperation from others

Dominance from aside an alphess or beta rank
Losing a game (Hint: Hunting)
Disrespectful canids
Unknown noises

Brawling with one another
Lost pups

"I have accepted fear as a part of life – specifically the fear of change…. I have gone ahead despite the pounding in the heart that says: turn back."

Erica Jong

.::From the past to the present and pondering for the future::.
Nomusa, one of the three youths born into the Wolves of the Rocky Mountains, a large pack of wolves, ranging from 20-30 in groups of 7. The alpha ruled this land with only 10 wolves, canids that were once loners, untrustworthy and seeking to brawl for territory. One of those wolves were known as Dumisani, escorting his brothers, Drake and Bruno. Despising the dominance by the two brotherens, Dumisani heeded control of the borderlands, however, fought against the noble female, Praili. The fight didn't last long, only snarls and bays echoed for the long run, the terrain scooped and filled with plenty of holes, due to the force of the two wolves brawling for approximately 10 minutes. Tiring out, Dumisani retreated from the territory and bounded with his brothers across the land they embarked from, hoping to never return.

As the first season of summer passed, autumn was one of Praili's favorite time of the year. When the leafs have fallen, the naked trees now mazed with dull branches stretching across the ground with a shady shadow. The pack continued to thrive, now migrating with the herds so he pack wouldn't starve when winter came along. Traveling farther, following the same route as Praili has mapped out with her memory to trail alongside the caribou, to make sure they have a decent position when she lended her hunting party a paw. Especially when she needed seekers to safe-guard the pack from danger. Other lone wolves, bears, coyotes and even the danger of large birds, that would practically steal game, then when Praili would rest, a familiar scent lingered by and she started to growl recognizing that smell...

The alpha trailed the uncharted area thoroughly, seeking for this male she remembers, his scent became stronger as she proceeded until she caught him dawdling through, perhaps lurking to ambush her pack. Her brown looming eyes locked onto him and she took the chance to attack as she wasn't alone. Approaching closer, the male turned and started to lope away, however he trailed blood, spots stained the earth as she forced her way through the forested grounds to him, chasing continuously until he has tumbled forward.

Snarls and barks escaped Praili's throat, her maw agape, dominating over the male, taunting him. Her sister protectively stood guard, scoping the surroundings for any danger that may come around hearing this commotion. Even being a year younger then her, she still enforced herself and turned to face the background and not them. Praili leaned forth, her paws pressured against the male as he pressed his hind paws against her, soon to not growl in return, refusing to give in but also to fight back. Praili refrained to further put his position in danger and slowly backed off to notice a torn chest wound and his oculars looking dilated. The male bayed for mercy, now seeing the dominance within this female, he submissively gave her his oath to not come around the woods again. That didn't change what Praili had in mind.

Moving forward
Weeks passed and soon winter was right around the corner. Praili came out of her cozy but dense cave she made as a den and kept her eye on the male, still not knowing his name. She treated him good and was skeptical about his injuries from the day she found him and chased him. Closing her eyes she was regretful and soon found some trust as he never placed a paw or even his maw on her again. Seeing his approach, he walked a bit better, a more steady balance then he had before. He then requested to move on and Praili didn't allow that, showing her aggressive yet concerned expression and he soon sat down shocked and tilted his head, soon he revealed his name as "Dumisani". The name repated in Praili's mind, she kept hearing it over and over, soon to also respond revealing her own, "Praili".

Winter came and it was the most down fall of the year to Praili. She has never dealt with weather to be intense where they resided. Far a bit from their actual den site and with Dumisani beside her. Their trust has gained with an extraordinary pace, to even announce the alpha male of the pack. Pleased to take the offer, he never enforced anything amongst the pack and was always by her side. Dumisani had a different past then he expected from Praili, his past consisted of many situations that occurred, including a fire in the forest and a wild one at that. Surviving wasn't the best ideal intention, but he was glad to be alive today. Even at an older age then Praili, he was happy enough to accompany her.

After the pronlong harsh winter passed, Praili has given birth to a litter of three pups. The bundle of three were what she hoped to have, which were all females and she named them Dina, Paige and the littlest one, Nomusa. Having these three, with the alpha she knew was perfect for her and hopefully a wonderful father as well to the youths. Dina and paige, they were almost identical twins, except one to have a bit of a lighter hue then the other and Nomusa, took the genes of the color from herself.Praili seemed joyful and with glee to be satisfied with her newborns then she would ever been.

The pups grew bigger each day, time took a bit longer for little Nomusa to strengthen her legs, so when she could run she wouldn't fumble around. Praili cared for them always and took heed if danger was near, allowing Dumisani to care while she went hutning for herself. Therefore, so far he showed trust and loyalty to their pack. However, one day praili took off and never returned right away, alerting the male to become anxious for her present to return safely. The pack soon grew anxious as well and sensed something was wrong. Dumisani left his post to protect the pups. The pack followed, but only Praili's sister came to the rescue, noticing Dumi was leading them and not caring for the litter. When the sister remained with only 5 wolves approximately present, the rest of the pack returned, with an angry and agitated mother whom also was present to be wounded.

Discouraged and bound to be replaced, Praili was worried sickingly about her pups overall, however, wasn't very happy with the outcome of this leaving behind the pups to look for her. Dumisani sunk away from the alpha and wasn't allowed to come near the pups until they were older.Shortly that never lasted and Dumisani fled, would necessarily return yet he never did.

It's been months and the pack has been on patrol. Praili wished for the return of her mate, letting out calls from all directions, luring and allowing the path of her howls to be carried to him. No answer was ever given from him and soon she became more concerned and told her pack to stay, but told her sister to come along for the long run and help her on their journey to find his location, even if it takes a few days.The pups stayed behind with the pack, watched with a revolving group heed of taking turns, they grew happily with that bunch, except for Nomusa, who wished for her mother to return.

Praili shortly found her mate near the riverbed, his breathing shallowed and the swounds were fresh along his neck and thighs. She whined, curling near him, but he didn't budge. laying in the tall grass, she whined and dug at the earth, pressing her snout into his fur and yet no movement was spotted. Her sister Beyne came to her side and gave her support, knowingly they found him, but his days were out-numbered. Concluding he was killed by a bear, the gashes were deep and his back wasn't on the right angle, who knows..maybe it wasn't meant to be. Soon the two trailed back and returned safely to the pack but with exhaustion. And so the pups grew up, Nomusa, Dina and Paige left together as a whole on their new joruney ahead.

The Present
Nomusa, embarked on her own at the age of 1 year and 10 months of age. She trekked along some ridged terrain and across the boundaries of the forest, coming across wildlife here and there, new scents and of course, new neighbors. The ebony female soon departed the forest to the river, finding something she hasn't seen in days, a lone wolf. This wolf was different, it were to be the opposite gender of herself and she watched him with curiosity. The male stood and tilted his head to soon lure himself away, that was a smooth move she made, scaring him? She didn't know so she followed him.

Nomusa was intrigued by the new scent and the new wolf she hasn't had her eyes on ever. Falling behind she stopped and looked around, unsure if this one was friendly. Neither proceeding or following, Nomusa turned around and tracked the other way, back to where she was near the river and plains. A few months already moved on and Nomusa enjoyed her time in the sun, the warmth coating her with sleepiness surrounding her mind. Images came into her dream as she napped, but soon awakened when her dreams turned into reality. taking a thirst at the water near by, that same familiar face popped up. Nomusa stared at the tawny male, this time she wasn't gonna follow but assure that he wouldn't run away like the last time she saw him. The ebony female woofed towards him, though he took a few steps back. Wrong move much Nomusa? She did question herself that and woofe one more time but softly, a somewhat of a more proper greeting.

The male moved forth and she stayed put watching him. As he circled around looking for a shallow spot to cross and then did, her tail wagged in a friendly manner, her golden brown hues of her oculars stared into his darken brown orbs, my they were astonishing. Showing she were no threat, the male introduced himself after he came closer. His name was Lucas, as she also revealed her name as "Nomusa". Soon to be acquaintances, they became friends and lasted a while being good friends of that.

When the time came around, they both made the move to find a more precise location to reside. Enough about the mountains Nomusa thought, sh wanted to live elsewhere, maybe where the wind took her and him. Finding a decent location on the hills, no mountains but trees and slopes, this was a rather perfect example to her. Lucas, as well agreed to stay here and looked for a den, Nomusa helped and soon lived here for months as they went by. As winter passed and spring came along, Nomusa was huddled with her mate and the newborn pups she had near her. They were beautiful little darlings, she imagined them to be. She stayed with them day and night, as Lucas was the gatherer in this state, hunting and gathering debris for comfort and warmth for the pups to lay on and be warm with.

The leafs then began to change a bit in color, new ones bloomed and so did the bed of flowers. Nomusa journeyed with her mate for the longest part with their 4 month old pups, nothing too far for them but enough for them to be with. Suddenly the sky grew foggy, with a stingy sensation in the eyes. Nomusa sensed something happening, something she was unsure of. A smokey layer covered above them and the forest they resided in and soon a firey color of flame produced within the trees. her mate took two pups and darted, not alarming herself nor her other pup and soon did the same. The heat began to rise and the smoke clogging her range of breathing, she breathed heavily and her pup started to cough to thepoint where it seemed to be only fragile towards this condition. The trees crackled and some have even fallen in the distance, hearing it hit the ground which made her move faster but soon slowed her pace and placing her pup down.

Nomusa licked her pup a few times and nudged her, knowingly she was still with her and the heat grew hotter,so the ebony female picked up her pup and bounded off to look for an escape route from the flames. Seeing a gap ahead, Nomusa took this opportunity and sprinted as she could and for a last minute breath she took was when she reached passed the thickening smoke and she was able to blink normal again. it was a devastating moment, she soon spotted smoke in an opposite direction from the actual flames, confused she looked around for her mate and pups as hey were nowhere to be found. Her pup was placed at her paws, wiggling around and coughing she needed water and fast. Her coat was covered in an ashen layer and so she took her to the nearest riverbed and drenched her in the shallow, she soon waddled out and flopped over, still having that cough about.

Nomusa waited out while the fire broke out nearly halfway to the river bank, the smoke took a while to clear but with the light breeze she was able to see some areas clearly. But what stopped the fire to continue brewing was the light chance of rain, that came across with thundering skies for hours to be. Her pup laid at her side, cuddled and shaking, she feared for the worst to happen and watched over the eerie looking forest for a miracle to happen. Hours went by and the moon arose in the midnight sky, the smoke was very thin at this point, still passing through the sky and scenery. The rain continued to pour across the landscape and dry forest, the greenery was faded into ashes and there was no sign of life nor her mate and remaining pups.

Deciding to rest here for the night, she did and closed her eyes hoping for herself to relieve the stress in her mind and bones to stop aching. Dreams occurred in her slumber, the fire blazing, her mate running off and seeing herself be caught in the flames...that was a wake up call there. Still night and the moon now near the lower portion of the sky, she checked on her pup to see if she were okay, but a sign of no breathing caused Nomusa to stand and catch and feel her roll over limply and craning her head up, she howled with a mournful cry into the vail night. She howled a few more times, her tone wasn't lyrical but a simple notification for sorrow and regret.

Her chest ached as she was now lost and surely knew that he wouldn't be alive, he fled into that fire. She knows he did, to not flee any farther than what she expected. Shaking her head, the ebony female fled far, somewhere where the wind would take her, promising herself a better chance for survival and courage. The ash on her pelt lightly stirred as she journeyed away, leaving a short trail of dried up and burned debris behind, a false memory she wishes to not carry on.

Physical Condition: Nomusa has sturdy legs and broad shoulders, accepting to endure her speed when running long distances for support. When she arches her back, her neck extends downward a bit, allowing her figure to have more of a taller statue. Though not to look taunting!

Coat condition: Some areas are thick; neck, chest and lower belly, her coat is medium length, with some shiny features on her black cover; back. And to top it off with a sleek feeling, somewhat smooth but still immune to heat and spicy temperatures.

Main Coat Color: Darken gray, with black leggings and gray pads with some blotches of a darken sorrel hue. Her tail also has this black cover from the base to the tip. Her face however, is somewhat dark above her maw, around her eyes, her ears and fore head. Beneath her maw is a lightish gray and white hue mixed.

Other colors and markings: Mmmm... I explained above!

Iris Color: Hard to identify from either a golden brown, or just a light bronze hue with some golden rings on the outer portion of the optic.

Tail Tip Color: Explained above but to spice it up again for detail. Black cover from base to tip, underneath is the exact resemblance of her grayish white coating, but to have some layers of sorrel as well.

Planning on joining the pack?: Yes, hopefully her presence won't disturb the packs territory nor have changes to accept her.

Ranking in pack: Not yet qualified for the current rank

Wanted Rank in pack: Slayer, but besides that she would hopefully one day be of a high rank; specifically a beta.

As of now, yes.

"There are four ways you can handle fear. You can go over it, under it, or around it. But if you are ever to put fear behind you, you must walk straight through it. Once you put fear behind you. Leave it there"

(c)opyright information - Anything and everything printed above is "my work" and you may NOT use without my permission! If you take without being granted to use, then you are going against plagiarism and that's a theft! take this notice and be respectful of others works. Pictures also used above are NOT my own and I will credit those who own them. Do not discourage my work, if you have a belief I am using or copying, prove it through PM!

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PostSubject: Re: Nomusa - Step Into Her Path   Fri Sep 13, 2013 6:24 am

Nomusa, that bio was amazing! I'm going to add a little bit, but that was extremely well done.

Welcome to Blood Lusts's forums.
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PostSubject: Re: Nomusa - Step Into Her Path   Fri Sep 13, 2013 12:11 pm

Why thank you Scarlet ^-^ And okay, I see some additional stuff you made, I was pushing my time limit to typing this and it took a few hours so, I'm really glad it came out well! :3
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PostSubject: Re: Nomusa - Step Into Her Path   Fri Sep 13, 2013 12:39 pm

Amazing bio, Nomusa! I love it!
Welcome to Blood Lust!
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PostSubject: Re: Nomusa - Step Into Her Path   Fri Sep 13, 2013 8:32 pm

Thanks Robin! ^-^
Glad it came out nice my bio Smile)
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PostSubject: Re: Nomusa - Step Into Her Path   Mon Sep 16, 2013 12:48 am

wow... couldn't do anything like that even if i tried! Amazing Bio!!

Forest out.

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PostSubject: Re: Nomusa - Step Into Her Path   Mon Sep 16, 2013 12:22 pm

Haha thanks ^-^ It took me a while to add everything for her. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Nomusa - Step Into Her Path   Fri Sep 20, 2013 10:52 am

Hell of a bio ! It was awesome !
Welcome to the pack by the way. Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Nomusa - Step Into Her Path   Sun Sep 22, 2013 8:13 am

Awsome and long bio lol.
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PostSubject: Re: Nomusa - Step Into Her Path   Mon Oct 07, 2013 1:59 pm

Ahh thank you both! ^-^
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PostSubject: Re: Nomusa - Step Into Her Path   

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Nomusa - Step Into Her Path
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