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 .< Hazel >.

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PostSubject: .< Hazel >.    Thu Mar 06, 2014 4:06 pm


✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

.: Basic Information :.

WolfQuest username: Xx_Fallen_Angel_xX

Name: Hazel

Nickname(s): Koda, Nako, Mako, Shark, Koko, Nada (suggestions?)

Gender: Female

Age: Two years

Rank: Healer

✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

.: Appearance :.

Build: She is very tiny and underweight. She weights about 40 pounds. Her length from nose and to tail tip is 4 ft.

Coat Type: Hazel has a very light coat for a wolf. In the winter and at night she gets cold very easily. During the summer she is always the coolest thanks to her light coat. Also because her coat is so light her coat is softer than most wolves. It also alway shiny and clean looking. Many wolves have been jealous.

Fur color: Hazel fur color is a simple but beautiful one. She has a coat were the top is a cream brown color and the bottoms turns to white. Hazel's face is a cream color and has a black ear outline.

Markings/Scars: Hazel has no really noticeable scars but that does not mean she does not have any. Some scars are in her heart too. For markings her left back sock is completely black. Many wolves can recognize her by this marking.

Eye color: Bright yet dark icy blue

✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

.: Personal Information :.

Personality: Hazel is what you would call a happy go lucky person to the people do not know her true self. She seems like a very chill person to them and they see her go with the flow with everything. To the people who really know her she is not afraid to show her feelings. She can be very moody at times but she does not like to tell a lot of people. She would mostly only tells her feelings to those that become close and trustworthy to her. She learned from her past not to trust many because if you do it ends in heart break and Hazel is not good with that. Hazel take things to the heart and find it hard to ignore peoples comments. She is also very clumsy, running into things, tripping over imaginary squirrels (darn things can get in her way all the time.) Hazel knew that if she was someone else she would not be her friend.   

Habits: She is often finding herself acting as a 'shadow' to her closest friends by following their every aw step. Hazel also often forgets about left black leg (the black one) and trips very often. She sometimes takes out anyone who is in the way when she is not paying much attention to her surroundings.

Strengths: Hazel strength is to think of life as what it is. She knows that some people are just plain rude and knows to ignore them and accepts them for them because they are not going to change for one person. She knows in her heart that she was created for some reason and even if she does not know what that is, are even if it is just to help her friend in need. She was created for something and she will be ready to accept whatever it is.

Weaknesses: She has a few weaknesses which she tries to hide being a healer. She is afraid to be alone while she lived by herself for a while. She is afraid of water to an point. She is always very nervous around it. She is scared of the cold while her fur is not very thick, so she is always afraid to freeze to death.

✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦

.: Background and Relationships :.

Nahul- Father Alive
Nahima- Mother Alive
Cita- Brother Alive
Krogen- Brother Deceased


Hazel had a normal, easy-going puphood. She was born to a fairly large pack, one that was not very organized. Her parents were ordinary, happy wolves, from when she and her two brothers were born. In her early puphood, she was a shy, aloof cub. Her brothers, however, simply lived to have fun. When they first realized how small and skittish their sister was, they both devoted their time to try and get her sister to come out of the shadows. Her brothers' names were Krogan and Cita. Krogan was the stronger of the three, his stature being somewhat tall for a pup, and his overall build being large and beefy. Cita was average; he was a lean wolf, with long, lanky legs, built for running, and while Krogan was big and fun-loving, Cta was somewhat skeptical.

Soon enough, the pair of he-wolves got their sister to project a little more. The she wolf soon after joined the pup's trouble-making crew, and the mischievous trio always got into trouble.

By the time Hazel was a yearling, she became quite a sight. Thick, lovely fur; soft brown eyes, long, lean legs, she truly was a beauty. She caught the eye of many others, while her brothers were already sweeped off their paws by two beautiful females. Obviously, they couldn't mate yet; they were simply yearlings, but that doesn't mean they can't pad after them. Hazel, however, had her eyes set on one male. His name? Roark. Handsome, he was, and a good fighter. It seemed as though the tow lovebirds were made for each other. However, the two weren't in the same pack; he was a lone wolf, but that was okay. Hazel can easily disperse with her one true love, when she's two years, of course.

When Hazel had turned two years of age, she immediately said goodbye to her family, and went off with Roark to start building a family. The two never left each others sides, hunting together and roaming the world. They never truly did think about settling down, having pups of their own, and maybe even starting a pack together. No, they were far more interested in each other than setting up nice, long lives. However, something did eventually click in Hazel's head. She told Roark her idea of finding a nice, safe home, establishing a respectable amount of territory, and even thinking about adding the pitter-patter of little paws. At first, Roark was uncertain about this. Sure, he was the wolf of her dreams, however he was more of a traveler. He never really liked pups, but then again, Hazel went along with whatever Roark wanted, and she was sure to remind him that he owed her.

So, it was decided; they spent the next two months searching for a home, until they found a nice roomy den, with herds of prey roaming the abandoned territory it had to offer. They immediately decided that this would be the place to start their new family.


Friends: N/A

Crush: N/A

Mate: N/A

Other: This biography is currently under construction.


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PostSubject: Re: .< Hazel >.    Thu Mar 06, 2014 4:36 pm

Nice biography. Welcome to the pack
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PostSubject: Re: .< Hazel >.    Fri Mar 07, 2014 2:52 am

Beautiful bio! I'll add you to the "Healers" group once you're accepted! ^^ So many healers, I think I might have Robin retire! She is getting old. 030
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PostSubject: Re: .< Hazel >.    Fri Mar 07, 2014 3:40 am

Lovely bio Hazel~! Another healer, welcome!! \( o v o )/
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PostSubject: Re: .< Hazel >.    Fri Mar 07, 2014 2:37 pm

Amazingly well done, I can't wait till I have time to read all of it.
Welcome to Blood Lust!
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PostSubject: Re: .< Hazel >.    Fri Mar 07, 2014 6:06 pm

Thank you very much everyone!
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Blood Fang
Blood Fang

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PostSubject: Re: .< Hazel >.    Sun Mar 09, 2014 4:35 pm

Welcome tp blood lust! Happy to have you here and nice bio! ^^

Enjoy the site guys.
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PostSubject: Re: .< Hazel >.    Thu Mar 13, 2014 4:53 pm

Amazing bio
welcome to blood lust

~ Jade
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PostSubject: Re: .< Hazel >.    

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.< Hazel >.
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